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EU Invitation Econvelope Designerâ„¢

Envelope: 90 x 140 mm; 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 in - asymmetrical flaps

    Popular size in several European countries for enclosing invite, announcement and compliment cards, typically measuring 82 x 128 mm; 3-1/4 x 5 in.

    Ideal for personalized party, wedding and birth announcements as well as for sending thank-you notes or enclosing (book) tokens or gift vouchers.

    Also suitable as sachet for fragrant herbs such as lavender and rosemary when folded in pocket (open-end) format for use.

    The closing flap arrangement can be off-centered to the left or off-centered to the right and closed to form a pocket (side end) or wallet (open end) envelope.

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